Lobach Cemetery†††††† Latimore Township†††††† Adams County, PA


There is wide variation in the condition of the headstones and the ease of reading them.† Many of them would be illegible without the help of the data collected in 1934 by Beard et al.† In the transcriptions below, questionable characters or lines are indicated by ---.† Some of the thís in ordinal dates were carved directly above their numerals; medial sís (É) on the oldest stones are represented here by regular sís.† All of the lettering is Roman, none is Gothic.

In/memory of/George/son of John/& R Baker/died April/6 1844 aged/5 months/4 days

JOHN BAKER/died March 21/1860/aged 51 years/6 mo. & 19 d.

In/memory of/REBECCA/wife of John/Baker died Feb/2 1850 aged 25[35?]/years 10 months/& 9 days

ANNA/Borckholder/ist Gebohren Den 14/Homung 1741 ist Gestor/ben Den 19 November/1812 ihr Alder wahr 71/Jahr 9 Monat und 5 Dag

JOHANNES/Borckholder ist Geboh/ren Den 15 Augst 1730 ist/Gestorben Den 12 Novem/ber 1810 Sein Alder Wahr/80 Jahr 2 Monat 7 Dag

Hannah Borkholder/died Dec 17 1818/Aged/12 Years & 8/Months

John/Borkholder died/Feb the 10 AD 1851/Aged 32 years/9 months & 3/days

MARY BRENEMAN./wife of/Joseph Breneman./Died Feb. 24 1864./Aged 80 yrs. 1 mo./& 14 days.

ELIZABETH/Bupp/Died July 19, 1845/Aged 47 Yrs. 10 Mos. & 15 Days/Christ is my hope

ANNA/Burkholder/Mar/1854/Aged 39 Year/--nths & 24/Days

IN/Memory of/ABRAHAM/BURKHOLDER/who died Feb 8/1846/Aged 73 years/8 months & 22/days

HANNAH/Burkholder died 9/April 1832/Aged 57 Years &/1 Month

In/Memory of/Mary Burkholder/who died the 20th Sep/tember 1813 Aged 30 Years/4 Months & 27 Days

Sarah Burkholder/died March 13th 1824/Aged† 15 Years/& 28 days

IN/Memory of/SUSANNA/wife of/William Coulson/died July 14/1851/aged 57 years/& 2 months/The Lord is good, a stronghold/in the day of trouble, and He/knoweth them that trust in Him.

In/memory of/TAMAR/COULSON/daughter of W & S/COULSON/Died April 1/1850 Aged 29/Years† 1 Months/20 Days

IN/memory of/WILLIAM/ COULSON/born March 17, 1791/died April 6, 1832/aged 58 years/& 20 days/For as the Father hath life in/himself so hath he given to the/son to have life in himself/and hath given him authority/---

IN/memory of GEORGE DEARDORFF/born Nov 6/1788/died June 8/1854/aged 65 years 7 mo/& 2 days

In/memory of/ISAAC/son of/ George & Susanah/Deardorff/born May 30 1826/died †March 30 1854/Aged 27 years & 10 months


In/Memory of/Jacob Deardorff/who departed this life in/Jan 1798 in the 51st† year of his/Age

IN/Memory/of/JESSE DEARDORFF/who died/Nov. 24th 1833/Aged/5 Years† 7 Months &/22 days.

IN/Memory/of/JOSEPH DEARDORFF/who died dec. 8/1856 Aged 3/Months &/4 days.

OUR MOTHER/MARGARET DEARDORFF/BORN MAR 27 1805/DIED/SEPT 29 1885/AGED 79Y 10M2D/Blessed are the dead which/ die in the Lord

IN/Memory/of/SARAH DEARDORFF/who died/April the 7th. D/1838/Aged 82 Years/11 Mo/nths & 7 Days.

IN/Memory/of/SUSANA/wife of/Geo Deardorff/who departed/this life/the 17th† of August 1834/Aged† 37 Years/2 Months/17 days.

SAMUEL/ERNST/Died/Feb 2, 1866/Aged/about 80/years† Inscription?

In/memory of/SARAH/wife of Samuel/ERNST/died July 31, 1854/Aged 47 years 8/months & 24/days./I have fought a good fight,/I have finished my course,/I have kept the faith.† 2 Tim.

HANNAH/daughter of/Joseph & Rebecca/FICKEL/died Dec. 10,/1844./Aged 5 months.

DANIEL HOLLINGER/died July the/8, 1830:/Aged 1 Year 10 Mo/nths & 8/days.

IN/memory of/DANIEL HOLLINGER/Born Oct 5 1832/Died Sep 21 1857/Aged 24 years/11 mo & 18 days/Farewell my wife and child/From your father Christ doth call/ Mourn not for me it is in vain/To call me to your sight again/---

In/Memory of/ELIZABETH/Hollinger who died/24th April 1838/Aged/4 Years 4 Months & 15/days

ELIZABETH IDA/Daughter of/John & Cathrine/HOWE/Died July 27, 1861/Aged 1 yr. 3 mo./& 14 days.



M J/18 38

ABRAHAM/JACOBS/Born M---/178--- Died Feb/2 ---/70 ---/11 M --- 6 D.

Elizabeth Jacobs/April/--- 1835 Aged/--- 8 Months/20 days

ELIZABETH/wife of Abraham/JACOBS/--- 5/17---/25 1870 ---/---/---

ELIZABETH/Wife of/Michael Jacobs/Died/Sept 7 1895/Aged 75 yrs/--- & 5 days

HANNAH JACOBS/Died Aug 28 1878/Aged 46 yrs 5 mos/& 24 days

ISAAC W/son of/Michael & E/JACOBS/Died Oct 8 1855/Aged about/1 yr. 8 mos.

MICHAEL/JACOBS/Died/Nov 24 1888/Aged 68 yrs/9 mos & 22 days

SALLY T./daughter of Michael & E/JACOBS/Died/Jan. 21 1867/Aged 2 yrs./2 mos. & 17 ds.

WILLIAM J./JACOBS/Feb. 8, 1856/Oct. 9, 1933/Aged 77 Yrs./8 Mos. & 1 Day

In/Memory of Eli/zabeth Kinert/who Died the/19th of october 1808/Aged 29 Days


HENRY KINNET/died/Jan 11 1811/aged 35 yrs/9 mo & 21 days

ELIZABETH/Wife of/JACOB LIVINGSTON/Died June 6, 1866/Aged 81 yrs & 6 months/Farewell, my friends, adieu, adieu/I can no longer stay with you/My glittering crown appears in view/All is well, all is well.

JACOB/LIVINGSTON/DIED MARCH 15, 1862/AGED 80 YRS. 4 MO. &/22 DAYS/ Dearest Father thou hast left us:/Here thy loss we deeply feel:/But itís God that has bereft us:/He can all our sorrows heal./Again we hope to meet thee./When the day of life is fled./And in heaven with joy to greet thee./Where no farewell tear is shed./M. Arnold

IN/Memory of/ABRAHAM LOBACH/Born/Sept 17 1780/Died/Oct 1 1822/Aged/42 years & 14 days


In/Memory/of/ANDREW/Lobach who was born/The 30th of November/1751 & died the 29th of/July 1818 aged 66 Years/7 Months 29 Days† †[This stone looks as if it were carved yesterday.]

IN/Memory of/Christian Lobach/Died Sep 1 1819/Aged 3 yrs 8 mo/& 16 days

In/Memory of EVE/daughter of Anthony/Knisely & wife of/ANDREW LOBACH/who departed this/life May 17 1839/---

In/Memory of/JOSEPH LOBACH/who departed this/life Oct 6 1828 Aged 41 years 2/months & 24 day

MARY LOBACH/died April 19 1864/Aged 72 yrs. 7 mo./& 5 days



JOHN/Pettit Was born/The 20th Day of June/AD 1792 And died Feb/ruary The 11th 1815/Aged 25 years 7/---

In/Memory of/Nancy Pettit wife/Tho Pettit who/died July 29 1833/in the 68th year of/her Age

Thomas/Pettit was/born the 9th day of/December AD 1758/And died the 4th of/February AD 1815/Aged 57 years 1 month/& 26 days

IN/memory of/CHRISTIAN/son of John/Raffensperger/born May 31,/1828 died/May 7, 1849/aged 20 years/11 mos & 7 days

John/Alexander/PACKER DIED/Feb 12th 1835 Aged 2/months & 24 days

In/Memory of/GEORGE SHEFFER/Who died/Sept 18, 1812/Aged 58 years 7/months & 22/days.

George/Sheffer. son of/Geo. & Mary Shef/fer. died Dec 7th/1821. Aged 11/months & 10 days.

In/Memory of/MARY/wife of George/SHEFFER/who died Nov 5/1848/Aged 59 years 10/months & 12/days

In/Memory of/ELIZABETH SMITH/who died Dec 17/1843/Aged 72 years/---

In/Memory of/SAMUEL SMITH/who died March/28 1844 Aged/84 years 6 months/& 19 days

SAMUEL SMITH/Died March 5, 1875/In the 71st year/of his age

SARAH C./daughter of Samuel ---/---Smith---/---

HARRISON STITZEL/Born Nov 9 1840/Died Sep 2 1854/Aged 13 y-rs 9 mo-s/and 29 days

OUR FATHER/[open book]/JACOB/Stitzel./died Jan. 24 1872./aged 73 years/3 mo & 29 d

MARY/wife of/JACOB STITZEL/DIED APR. 12, 1870/AGED 74 YEARS/& 14 DS.

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